Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall - Confucius


Welcome to my site.  I have worked for years as a family mediator and have extensive experience working within the justice system.  I understand how challenging this time is.  I created this program to help individuals navigate their way through this difficult time.  There are definitive actions that you can take now that will make a world of difference.  With  a vast history of working within the courts and client success, my individualized approach will help transform your life. 

Suzanne Winlove-Smith interview


A time for Key Decisions


You may want to run away, escape, feel overwhelmed, impulsive, or even paralyzed by your relationship breakdown.  It is very easy to focus on the negative elements of the ending of your relationship - your ex, betrayal, revenge, money,  retribution - This program is designed to help you to quickly move past those pain points and focus on what is important - children, closure, personal growth, healing, forgiveness, moving on to your best life!  

Professionalism and Experience


The ending of your relationship takes you into a necessary gateway, a transition that leads to the life that you are really seeking. It all starts with you and this time presents the most powerful opportunity of your life.  Embracing the fact that the change is necessary for growth and actually a good thing, life will get better - so much better.  Let go of the Fairy tale as it is not the End of Happily Ever After, but - The beginning of a better, richer, more fulfilling life to come.

Supportive Journey


WHAT DOES YOUR EXTRAORDINARY LIFE LOOK LIKE? Who are you?  Where do you want to be?  Recognize that this time, above all else is a real opportunity for you to grow in exponential ways. You may not believe it but this is happening for your growth. Make a vow to yourself that escaping is not an option. Wishing it were different is a waste of your precious energy and more pain. Acknowledge that you can do this. Trust that you are never given more than you can handle. You have the ability to survive and even thrive through it all.


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